Go to the nations. Be the body of Christ.

Go to the nations. Be the body of Christ.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Here is the video from our Don't Come to Our Event! year-end giving event! Such a fun experience! special thanks to the Malones whose interview you will see in the second section. What powerful insight about the need for, and impact of, member care ministry!

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted, we were having some technical difficulties. 😳  Due to size, the video is in four sections - just follow the links!

During the event we asked the question - if you were to come stay at this type of retreat center, what are the top few "must haves" you would like to see included? We are very interested in your answer, and would love it if you would post responses in the comments section below!

We would also like to know, if you were to move away to a different country, what comfort food would you miss the most from home?